Ways of CV writing and how to create a CV by solving all possible error

Ways of CV writing and how to create a CV by solving all possible error:

Biodata or CV is greatly needed when we are looking for a job after completing your education or when it’s obvious for the necessity of family. Whatever the job, in order to get that job, you have to create your own CV and submit it to the company first where you wish to apply or drop in a Job link.

And, just by looking at this CV, the people of the company know about you and also decide whether you will be called for an interview or not. So it takes a lot to make an attractive and straightforward CV.

In this, anyone who reads it can understand your personal, qualification, experience etc. details very well. And well.

In this post I will tell you about the rules or guidelines for writing a CV, what to write in a CV or biodata and how you can make an attractive CV yourself.

And you also know that you don't have to go anywhere to get a CV or biodata. You can easily create a CV on your mobile or computer and use it.

I will explain this to you below. But let's go, now we don't know the rules of how to make a CB kicker and what to write in the CV.

What are the rules for writing a CV and what to write in a CV?

There are no hard and fast rules for creating a CV or biodata. But hey, what to write in a CV is a lot of useful things.

Because, looking at your biodata will mean something to you. And, if you are preparing your own cv for a job interview, then if it does not have the necessary things written about you, then the people of the company will not be interested in you.

This means that the people of the company will be interested in those who have made their CV well with all the necessary details and will invite them for an interview.

So, now the question is - how to create a CV with attractive and important details? Write in your CV that the people of the company are interested in you and will call you for a personal interview.

Now, what to write in your CV?

As I said above, your Biodata or CV plays a very useful role when applying for a job.

And so, be sure to keep this in mind so that your CV has all the necessary parts that can give you more information about just one or two pages. This will make it easier for the people in the company to know about your background and they will have no problem calling you for an interview.

Now that we know this directly, what is required to be shared in the CV or what needs to be written?

  1. Make simple Resume / CV: At first, I am telling you all, never make a CV in a complicated way. As much as possible, make the CV simple, straightforward and simple.

This is because if your resume is complicated, the people in the company or the person reading it will not know much about you. In this, only those who have made their CV very simple and straightforward will be called for interview. Because, with a simple and straightforward CV, anyone can know about your job profile, skills, education and qualification, interest etc.


  1. Objective: objective means purpose, put this part at the beginning of your CV and write about your purpose. Write here that if you are given the job then how you will fulfill your work and responsibilities.
    Write here in just 3 to 4 lines what you will do for your company, work and duties.
  2. Personal strength/Skills: Write about your personal strength here. I mean, write about your abilities and strengths in terms of work.

For example: Write down whether your communication skills are good, whether you can handle the work stress and how punctual you are.  It has a positive effect on you and a sense of activism in the eyes of the employer.

  1. Work experience: Work experience is a very important part of getting a job. Most of the employers (employers) put you above others based on your work experience and therefore increase your chances of getting that job.

If you have never worked as a fresher or before, then it is different. But, if you have worked somewhere before, then you must write it in the "work experience" section. It will help you a lot.

  1. Educational Qualification & Training: After writing about your personal strengths and work experience, the most important part is to write about "Your Training and qualifications".

To get a job in any company, your education and qualification depends a lot. So starting from your own school, simply write about whatever degree you have taken or studied.

For example, write down from which school or college you have studied, what degree you have and how many marks you got in the final exams.

  1. Personal information: In this section, write 3 to 4 lines about yourself. Here, write a few things about yourself, such as where is your house, how do you get better, what is your hobby, what is your interest and what is your passion.

In this way, the employers will be able to understand what is happening to you personally.

  1. Final declaration: “Final declaration” This part has to be written in the very last part of the CV. Here you have to declare that all the personal, Educational qualification, work experience etc. you have written above are correct in your opinion and you have taken the responsibility for the correct details.
  2. Name & date: Now your CV is complete. But, to make your CV interesting and accurate, write “Date”, “place” and “your name” one by one at the end of the CV.

Then, put a signature on your name. Bus, now your self-made CV is ready for your job.

So viewers, I informed you about the ways of writing a CV or what to write when creating a CV.

If you create your own CV with the above parts, it will definitely be very beneficial for your job.
With the above sections, employers can easily know your personal, education, skills, work experience and other important things.

And so, they don't need to know anything else to call for an interview or get a job.

Now, after knowing the rules of writing CV, let’s go to make CV:



How to make or make a CV?

As I told you before, you don't have to go anywhere to make cv or biodata.

You can make a CV from your laptop, computer or any Android Mobile.  Today technology has become so fast and advanced that we can do everything with internet, mobile and computer.

And so, below I will give you 2 simple and fun ideas for making a CV.

  1. Prepare a CV in Microsoft word:

If you or a friend has a computer or laptop in your room, then you can make a resume or cv in a very straightforward way.  If you have Microsoft word or any text editor software on your computer or laptop, you can make a resume in it.

In CV, you usually write what I told you to write above. Just write them down and your CV will be on the shore. So, you understand how easy it is to make a CV yourself if you have a test editor or Microsoft word on your computer or laptop.

Below I am giving you a sample of how to write CV in Microsoft word or any text editor. You can also get an idea by looking at it.

2, Make a CV on the online website

If you don't want to take the trouble to write your CV, then there is no point. Another way to make a CV easily without writing anything is "Online cv maker website". Hey, you heard right.

In Online, there are some websites on the internet that you can go to and create your own biodata. There you will be able to make a simple and attractive CV.

You will get all the important parts that I have written in the CV above.

All you have to do is go to the cv maker websites and give your exact details in whatever will be shared.
You can upload your own picture and put it in your CV. After giving the details and pictures, you can download the CVT you created on your computer or laptop.

And then, print out that CV file or send it directly to e-mail.

Here, appending below the name of few online CV creating Website:

  • Shreresume.com - Here you can create resume or cv of many styles and formats for free.
    • Resume.com - This is another online free CV maker website that helps you to create advanced biodata.
    •   Canva CV maker - Here you can make your own free and advanced CV. The Canva CV maker website

     gives you the format of the CV maker. You can make your own CV by selecting the style you like.

  • CV Maker - Here you can create your own biodata with a variety of stylish samples.

If you worried as to how to make a CV or Biodata or Personal Profile, then go to the websites given above and make your own free and attractive CV.